Work Schedule:

  • Thur, Fri, Sat, 3-10
  • Sun 12-6
Tattoos by Rocky

My name is Rocky and I am a tattoo artist from New York, I have been tattooing for 14 years.  I came out to California for the beautiful weather, wonderful scenery, and great people. I’ve done some traveling and tattooed with many other artists from all over the country trying to absorb different cultures and styles. Some of my favorite artists are Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell, Aaron Cain, and Gill Montie.
My favorite tattoos to do are skulls (all styles), dark imagery (ie. Grim reaper/ demons/ devils), large bold tribal, black and grey, dragons, sea creatures, reptiles, monsters, traditional Japanese, new school Japanese (Koi fish/Japanese flowers/water/Japanese masks), insects, birds, trees, and anything relative to flowers.
My love for art started when I was young, I’ve tried different mediums from pencil, to charcoal as well as some painting. My true passion though, is for tattooing. I thrive off of the energy of those who want to outwardly express their inner-self. The energy that is created while developing the individuals piece of artwork all transpires into the passion that is instilled in me for tattooing.
One of the things that made a significant impression on me when I first began tattooing is placement. Through my experiences, I have been repetitively complimented on the fact that the tattoo is artistically placed and positioned to stand-alone or for future development. My goal here in California is to reach a new peak with my art. I look forward to working with and around other artists as well as the new people and ideas that I will be presented with.  I look forward to working together.  Thank You.