work schedule:

  • Sat, Sun 10-6
Tattoos by Andrea

Andrea added the medium of tattooing to her collection of artistic mediums when she was 18, which was fed by a burning desire to help people by altering thier bodies in a way that they become more comfortable with themselves. Tattooing quickly became her favorite medium to work in because of its rewards of helping others, followed closely by graphite. Though she did not attend her first art class until college, she recieved recognition for her artistc abilities throughout her life. Some of her favorite artists include Alphonse Mucha, Hieronymus Bosch, and Paul Delaroche. If there is ever a moment where Andrea is not consumed by an art project or her tattoo work you can find her modeling for photographers, dancing, traveling, shopping for shoes, cruising on her bicycle down town or drinking Starbucks. Her favorite things to tattoo include lady bugs, foot prints, dragonflies, flowers, traditional pin ups, art nouveau pieces, and anything with alot of color.