Bill's Garage

These buttons will take you to the various auto's I have collected over the years. I've had the 1966 Shovel-head for over 30 years. I spend all of my free time participating in car shows and races. One of my favorite local indoor shows is the Sacramento Autorama, it always attracts a large crowd. Most of the vehicles photographed and displayed here have won awards. All of these cars are still driven and enjoyed on a regular basis and not just sitting in the garage collecting dust. I enjoy driving all of them. Most of them are a little out of the ordinary. The Amphicar is quite an eye catcher, driving it into the lake. People really don’t believe it is also a boat. The "Short Bus" is always a blast, it stops traffic where ever it goes…Click and enjoy my garage…

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1915 Model T
1915 Model T

1959 Nash Metropolitin
1959 Nash Metro

2012 Lincoln MKX